We specialize in woof-worthy trading card designs for therapy dogs. Feature your favorite furry companion along with fun facts about your pet.

The perfect companion for your therapy dog’s reading adventures. These custom dog bookmarks feature photos, quotes, logos, or pet details.

Leave a sticky impression with our fun custom dog stickers. Choose from 6 unique sticker designs featuring your pet and custom color and text.

Capture the lovable characteristics that are unique to your beloved Furry Friend. Receive a discount on prints when you book a session.

About us

We specialize in fun and unique prints.

We specialize in fun and unique prints and photography for all furry creatures. Our custom trading cards, custom bookmarks, and custom stickers are specially designed for each individual therapy dog. These furry volunteers are a true inspiration and deserve a woof-worthy card to highlight their lovable faces and selfless deeds.

Here’s a sample of our latest custom trading cards, bookmarks, and stickers.

Furry Love

We are deeply grateful for all your referrals and value every feedback we receive.

“Just received by package with the picture of Lily and they are great just like the ones from St. Jude Children’s Hospital. In a short time what you produced will be all over the world which are given out at Memphis International Airport. You are an artist and do fantastic work and you have a lot of patience in working with your clients.”

Owner of Lily

“Awesome thank you again!! Do you happen to have an instagram account? I would love to tag you in our posts. We visit recovery centers of America and his stickers are everywhere.” 

Owner of Corinna

“Appreciate your help…loved the way these turned out, and the children in the reading program love them. They helped me write his little story, and the photo worked out beautifully. Others have asked me about the bookmarks, and I’m happy to pass along info about Furry Photogs to them!”

Owner of Buck
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