If you have a dog that sheds year round, then you are likely running after your fur ball with a broom or vacuum year round!

If you are Pug owner, then you probably know that Pugs are notorious for shedding. Any slight movement will cause an avalanche of fur. We have tried all types of grooming brushes but the one that beats them all is the FURMINATOR. It is hands down the most efficient brush you can get for dogs with a lot of undercoat.
Here’s a picture of our Bugsy after his furmination. This is just one of many fur balls during one of his sessions. It’s as big as his head!

Furminator Pug

We bought our Furminator on Amazon a few years ago. They are a bit fancier these days with a feature called the FURejector button. It cleans loose hair from the tool so you don’t have to use two hands to remove the hair.  Amazon seems to have the best price. If you find a better deal, let us know! Click here to see the product details and sizing options on Amazon.



If all else fails….try this…….. :p


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